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About us

Epiphany Web Design was started to train people how to manage and administer their own websites. People requested help setting up their sites that they would be able to maintain themselves.

instead of creating complicated formats and designs we use easy to edit formats

We started designing our our business websites more than 10 years ago, then over 5 years ago people started to ask for recommendations about what software they could use to create their own websites.  We added WordPress to our standard training courses, you start with the basic WordPress installation then by the end of the day you have a website that looks how you want it to.

The question is, do you want a website that looks how you want it, or how the web designer wants it to look?  We want your website to be the way you want it, we can make recommendations to you but you can make the decisions, after all, it is the web face of your business.

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Here are a few of our clients websites that we assisted:

Screen Idol

The Business Ignition Group

Bid Dynamics

The Sales Mentor

School Dynamics

Southchurch Park United Reformed Church

Vernon A Harris