with your mark on it


You can make updates yourself, that means no waiting for one word to be changed or removed. We train you how to add pages and edit existing ones.

Call us to make changes when you want, no monthly/yearly contracts.

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We train you how to make the changes and the one phrase we here most is “I can’t believe I have done this”.

Why not learn how to update your own website today? We can help you set up your website then teach you how to maintain it.

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We can work on an hourly basis or you can choose from our packages.

You get to make decisions along the way rather than us give you a website we want you to have, you get your website.



What do you like?

Are there any websites you love or like bits of? What colours do you like and who do you want to visit your site? These are a few of the questions that we ask you.

It is your website, you should love it!

We can explain what goes best on the web in plain English, not technobabble.

 Already use WordPress?

Fantastic! We can answer questions, teach you how to get more from your site or create a custom theme for you, while you watch if you like. You might have chosen WordPress because people said it was easy to use but you don’t agree, let us train you to get more from it.